Children's Sleeping Bags

Snug Bug Sleeping Bags for Children

For Mom & Dad’s convenience and peace of mind that their child’s sleep time comfort and health needs are met when their little on settles quickly into their own SnugBug.

- Fully machine washable
– No Nylon is used, therefore safe for children
– No zips, making is easy for little ones to get in & out unassisted
– Protects the child from picking up germs at creche / nursery school
– Provides soothing environment for baby & toddler in any environment as the SnugBug takes on a familiar feel & smell.

The SnugBug is wider than the average sleeping bag to allow extra comfort. Use the Snug for baby in the cot, for a toddler as rest time take along sleep time comfort, or use as a sleeping bag for anywhere anytime use.

Great for nursery school, camping, family gatherings, sleep-over’s, in front of the tv, and the list goes on…

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